Solar Eclipse Field Trip

Last Update: Apr. 9, 2024


On Apr. 8, 2024, an exceptionally rare natural phenomenon graced the skies above Toronto, captivating observers across North America. The once-in-a-25-years total solar eclipse was a fortunate spectacle for residents of the Greater Toronto Area.

At Maplewood Academy, we viewed it as a precious opportunity and a blessing for our students to witness such a wonder of nature. We also seized the chance to delve into the science behind eclipses.


Mr. Allam led the students in Physics 11 and Physics 12 class on a field trip to explore this unique event. The students had a fantastic learning experience, crafting a box projector for observing the eclipse in the University of Toronto physics lab. They then ventured into the downtown streets, chasing the eclipse through the partly cloudy sky. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience for our students.

Eclipse Captured by Our Students

Here, we presented some great photos taken by our students. We were thrilled with the arts and could see how far the students had come in their understanding of the science behind the eclipse.

Photos from Events

From preparation to the moment of eclipse, Mr. Allam guided the students to properly observe this unique phenomenon.

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